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AFSCME bid farewell to two retiring International Vice Presidents

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AFSCME bid farewell to two International Vice Presidents who’ve left lasting legacies in their respective states and on our union’s International Executive Board: Iowa Council 61’s former president, Danny Homan, and Pennsylvania Council 13’s former executive director, Dave Fillman.

“Dan Homan is as proud and passionate a trade unionist as you’ll ever meet,” said AFSCME President Lee Saunders. “As a veteran, as a corrections officer, as the president of AFSCME Council 61 and an AFSCME International Vice President since 2006, service has defined his life.”

Rich Frauenholz, who sits on Council 61’s executive board, shared remarks about Homan on behalf of the affiliate, which represents Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

“You’ve fought ferociously to make sure workers have a seat at the table every moment of your career,” said Frauenholz. “Danny, you are AFSCME through and through. No one has been more dedicated to workers’ rights and this union than you.”

Homan shared his reflections on a career spent fighting for workers: “I have been so proud and honored to call this union my home for 36 years,” said Homan. “I’ve been a member of a lot of other unions, but this union has meant more to me than any other thing I’ve ever done.”

Homan added: “You will never meet a finer group of people than the rank-and-file members of Council 61. I know they will never stop fighting for their rights.”

Saunders also reflected on Dave Fillman’s career.

“Dave Fillman has been a part of AFSCME Council 13 for about as long as there has been an AFSCME Council 13,” Saunders said. “He would rise to become director of District Council 88 and was elected executive director of Council 13 in 2002. And as an International Vice President for 22 years, he has provided invaluable strategic direction that has allowed our union to flourish.”

On behalf of Council 13, David Henderson, the current Council 13 executive director, spoke from the Convention floor: “[Dave Fillman] has been a mentor, leader and friend. He led us through his commitment and fearlessness. He’s always put the membership first. He took that responsibility seriously.”

Fillman offered his thoughts on a long career fighting for Pennsylvania’s working families.

“I’ve been lucky in these 51 years of being an AFSCME member,” said Fillman. “I’ve shaken the hands of Clinton, Obama ... leaders of the free world. This has been an experience I was blessed with because you gave me the opportunity to do that. I’ve traveled to every major city. Most of the time it was with my favorite people – you all.”

Fillman concluded: “AFSCME gave me a good life. God bless you. God bless AFSCME.”

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